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how we got here

Below you will find the steps that have lead us to where we are now! If you want to dive into what is happening currently and right now, scroll down from top to bottom. If you would like the chronological story we invite you to scroll to the bottom of the Birch trees below and follow the Chickadees up. 

What's next?

100 Cups of Coffee is causing some excitement! As more communities and organizations have heard of 100 Cups of Coffee our Resiliency team has received more and more requests about how to implement this tool in their own community. 

We have started assisting other groups both locally in Beltrami county and around the state by creating a 100 Cups of Coffee Toolkit, which includes a training, resources, and consulting for implementing this relational work in their own community. 

Are you interested in what 100 Cups would look like in your community? Click HERE to learn more.

Here are groups within Beltrami County using 100 Cups to further engage in community:

   -  Sanford Wellness Center

   -  Red Lake

   -  Beltrami Health and Human Services

   -  Bemidji State University

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Ways to get involved

Through conducting 100 cups of Coffee and having community dialogue our Resiliency Team found three styles of action and involvement that our community was involved in.

1) DIY Community Projects

2) Partnering with Existing Community Project

3) Beltrami Area Resiliency Team Initiated Project

CLICK HERE to learn more about these groups

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100 cups of coffee

The Beltrami Area Resiliency team when looking for a tool to help facilitate and guide community conversations learned about 100 Cups of Coffee, a tool developed by Epidemiologist and Wilder Researcher, Melissa Adolfson. This tool was developed to start honest, empowering conversations that build off of community needs and strengths. 

       Our Resiliency team completed 100 conversations with community members one-on-one. These conversations took place from Dec. 2019-June 2020. These conversations provided different information than a survey or forum, they allowed for a deeper level of connection and sharing of experiences. 

        Read the summary of these conversations HERE

Beltrami Area
           Resiliency TEam

The Beltrami Area Resiliency Team was formed out of the 2019 Community Conversation. The mission of the group threefold:

   1) Sharing widely the science of trauma, historical trauma, and resiliency and lead community conversation about these topics

   2) Expanding the network of community members who will provide input on what is needed for a healthier, more resilient community

   3) Uniting this expanded network of community members to identify and implement strategies that will result in a healthier, more resilient community


This group has been meeting monthly since the formation of this team. 

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Continuing the Conversation?

Our Beltrami Area Resiliency Team and friends are continuing to listen to the hopes and needs of community members as we continue to facilitate community conversations and identify projects that could emerge from this active group of community members. 

     This is a growing initiative and we welcome new ideas and efforts as we are still navigating what our next steps will look like based on community need, investment, and collective wisdom. 

Beltrami area
community conversation

In the summer of 2019, 75 local residents gathered for a community conversation as part of More Resilient Minnesota. During these conversations, participants recognized that voices were missing, not only during these conversations but also as a persistent issue in community decisions. 

       Participants felt that these missing voices also included missing out on diversity and local wisdom for issues and solutions our community has been navigating for years. 

       Participants also wanted to build community capacity by having more people represented, heard, and involved in community decisions.

more resilient minnesota

In 2018 there was a statewide movement to build a more resilient Minnesota. This initiative would be implemented by 90 Children's Mental Health and Family Service Collaboratives across the state. 

     The goal of these groups is to provide direct services and fund projects that support public health, prevention, and early intervention.

     The Beltrami Area Service Collaborative (BASC) was the original group in our county to initiate and dive into this project.

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