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Types of resiliency Projects

Below are different ways we invite you to get involved in buidling a more resilient community!

Through conducting 100 Cups of Coffee and having community dialogue our Resiliency Team identified three styles of action and involvement that our community was hoping to be involved in.

Each of the following are ways that individuals, groups, and organizations can get involved and take part in building a more resilient and self-healing community.

If you are interested in getting involved or hosting your own project please come to our next monthly Resilience Team meeting! Details HERE

DIY Project

These are projects, gatherings, or goals where individuals dream, plan, and host what they hope to see in the community.  In our community conversations these ideas ranged from being more deliberate about authentic greetings around town to individuals planning and organizing their own book club on anti-racism. 

Partnering on an existing community project

This category includes projects already initiated in the community where our Beltrami Area Resiliency Team would like to be involved to help organize, have more voices heard at the decision making table, and show support.

Beltrami Area Resiliece Team Initiated Projects

These are projects decided upon by the Beltrami Area Resiliency Team based on community need, interest, and strengths. These projects stem from ideas, themes, and wants gathered from our community conversations.

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