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Where we are and why it matters

A shared value that emerged from our 100 Cups of Coffee conversations was an appreciation for the land that our community both enjoys, depends on, and is connected to. This was a cross-cultural value shared within our community.

There is a history on this land that precedes all of us here and we invite you to read below as we take a moment to recognize this history.  
As community members and the Beltrami Area Resiliency Team we recognize the ancestral peoples in the past, present, and future connected to the land where we all currently reside. These peoples include and are not limited to, the Dakota and Ojibwe Anishinabe, and their descendants.

Due to colonization, these groups experienced trauma tied to stolen land, ethnic cleansing, and forced removal from these lands. As community members, we both acknowledge this history and take responsibility to support our indigenous community members as these traumas are still impacting the health of the land and our community today. 

We invite you to take a moment to reflection

We also invite you to learn more about land acknowledgments and why it is important to learn about the ancestral peoples.... 


“How am I leaving Indigenous people in a stronger, more empowered place because of this land acknowledgment?
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