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100 Cups of Coffee

100 Cups of Coffee is a tool that helps create spaces for honest and authentic conversations where all voices are heard and valued. It is a format that focuses on working with people and learning from them to build a self-healing community.


The Beltrami Area Resiliency Team chose to use 100 Cups of Coffee process in 2019 and conducted 100 one-on-one interviews in 2020.  We invite you to read the summary of these conversations HERE


Developed by epidemiologist and Wilder researcher Melissa Adolfson and modified for community use by Beltrami Area Resiliency Team, this tool and support for using it is available at INSERT LINK TO FAMILY WISE.  More than 80 Children's Mental Health and Family Service Collaboratives throughout the state are leading the charge toward A More Resilient Minnesota.  Some of these Collaboratives are using or planning to use the 100 Cups tool.



what would 100 conversations look like in your community?

100 Cups of Coffee looks different from community to community, and organization to organization because it is community lead, designed, and shared. 

Having deliberate conversations to hear voices in your community allows for those closest to a problem to be share their own wisdom, strengths, and ideas to address the needs of the community. This allows for voices not always heard at decision-making tables to not only share ideas, but be a part of creating the solution that better aligns with community needs. It is through these conversations that new, more equitable solutions emerge that can best address the issue at hand and build resilience within a community. 

    How to know if 100 Cups might be beneficial...

           - What questions do you have that you cannot get an answer to any other way?

           - Who's voice do you want to hear and have a say at the table?

           - What relationships do you want to build in your community?

           - Who do you want to work with, be friends with, get to know, and connect with in the community?

           - Is your community craving transformational, sustainable change tied to an issue that feels stuck?

If you are starting 100 cups of Coffee in your community feel free to reach out to:

 Family Wise: 

Family Wise offers free support and assistance for Resiliency Teams throughout the state and teams with Peacemaker Resources for offering trainings and support as needed as a group discerns and uses 100 Cups of Coffee. 

 Peacemaker Resources:

Currently offers trainings and assistance for groups that have already decided that they want to commit to 100 Cups of Coffee. Trainings and guidance range from consulting what populations to talk to, what questions to ask, and trainings for interviewers doing 100 Cups in your community.

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