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why chickadees?

Chickadees are resilient birds and not just because they hardy our harsh winters.


Chickadees are one of the few birds known to care for birds outside of their species. They welcome birds that missed their flock flying south, are injured and in need of care, and welcome those in need of a meal after their long flight back north.  These little creatures are more resilient because they work as a whole and practice "All for one and one for all." no matter their differences.

"How would a chickadee handle this?"

We invite you to watch Laura Erickson's TEDx Bemidji talk 'Consider the Chickadee: Be a Better Human by Thinking like a Bird'. It was this talk that both inspired our Chickadee logo and inspires us to build a more resilient and self-healing community.

Learn more about Laura's passion and work HERE

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