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Below you will find upcoming Beltrami Area Resiliency Team events.

These events focus on self-healing communities, building more empathy within our community, and creating more spaces where all voices are heard.

We look forward to seeing you!

how we gather

            All Are Welcome! WE are the Beltrami Area Resiliency Team.
Whether you're curiouse and thinking of coming for the first time, or have been involved since the beginning and want to connect again... Come! We are excited to have you join us. 

            We gather monthly to connect, share, listen, and work together on projects occuring in the community. When we meet we take time for conversations, sharing updates, input/feedback on projects, involvement opportunities, and time to connect as community.

            We are currently gathering online via Zoom, you can find all the links you need below join us below. Also, when we gather in-person we like to choose locations throughout the county for all to participate.


            Our gatherings happen monthly with news of our gathering shared online and with our email list. If you are a part of a particular team or focus group those groups will gather at different times to try to find a time that works best for all involved.  

            How we meet may feel a little different than most meetings or group gatherings. We like to take time in our meetings for mindfulness, building relationships, and making space for all voices to be heard. 
            We also use a flexible agenda for our gatherings, this means that when issues or topics come up that we are passionate about we follow that energy and take time to listen to each other and help focus our work. 

            We enjoy being in community together! Through our gatherings, we take time to connect, share stories, and hear how each other are doing. We are doing relational work in our community and it is through these conversations and check-ins that we can be connected and dig deeper together. 


  Monthly online
resiliency gathering


Everyone is WELCOME!

At this month's gathering, we learn more about leadership and mentorship opportunities available through the Equity and Leadership Project. 


We look forward to gathering with you!

As always, feel free to bring a friend 

Wednesday, april 27,2022
4:30PM via Zoom

Gathering Notes

Learn about previous meeting topics, ideas, and updates by viewing our quick notes from our gathers. 

Click HERE to view the quick updates from our previous meetings.